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The Annual Meeting of Owners of the Manhattan Club Timeshare Association Inc. ("Timeshare Association") was held on August 4, 2020 at The Manhattan Club located at 200 West 56th Street, 26th floor, New York, New York at 9 A.M.

The meeting was duly called to order by Vincent L. Caster, a member of the Board of Directors ("Timeshare Board") of the Timeshare Association.

 Mr. Joshua A. Wirshba, a member of the Board of Directors of the Timeshare Association, presented the proof of notice of meeting as mailed and transmitted by Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc. (“Broadridge”). 

Based upon information confirmed by Broadridge, Mr. Wirshba announced that the total number of Owners required for a quorum was represented at the meeting, in person and by proxy, and that the meeting was duly organized and ready to transact the business before it.   

Owner Richard Mulvaney gave a report of the Nominating Committee which presently consists of Richard Mulvaney, Joshua A. Wirshba and Salvatore P. Reale (a member of the Board of Directors of the Timeshare Association). 

Based on the resumes submitted by Owners prior to the meeting, the Nominating Committee determined that the following persons would be presented to the Owners as candidates for the Non-Sponsor positions on the Timeshare Board for the ensuing year:

Robert Ballot
James T. Dunphy
Hal Kassoff
Patricia Soltys

 Mr. Wirshba stated that the election of the Timeshare Board was then in order and Owners who were attending the Annual Meeting and wished to vote in person had their ballots collected from the floor.  No ballots were taken from the floor.

 Matthew Criscenzo of Broadridge served as the Inspector of the Election and tallied the ballots that had been previously submitted.  Mr. Wirshba then reported that the votes for the nominees had been tallied and the following Directors of the Timeshare Board were elected and/or designated for the ensuing year:

 Patricia F. Soltys – Non-Sponsor Board Member
James T. Dunphy - Non-Sponsor Board Member
Hal Kassoff - Non-Sponsor Board Member

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Dated the 4th day of August 2020. Vincent L. Caster, Board Member

The Board of Directors would like to express and acknowledge the dedication, insights and contributions of Mr. Robert Ballot, who was first elected on to the Board in 2001.  Since then he has served 17 terms on the Board.