The Manhattan Club Owners

Our History

For over eighteen years The Manhattan Club has provided the perfect solution for those who frequent New York City to enjoy Broadway theatre, fine dining, classical performances, elegant shopping and a virtual cornucopia of events and attractions that makes this City so special.

Our incomparable features allow Owners and their Families to derive optimum comfort, convenience and enjoyment from their vacations.

This unique spin on vacation ownership, which began as a vision in 1994 has developed, in stages, into a successful reality in which we take great pride. Today over 14,000 Owners call The Manhattan Club their home-away-from-home, ensuring quality time with Family and Friends and securing a lifetime of vacations.

In response to the growing demand for private, upscale accommodations with personalized service, the developers of The Manhattan Club continue their commitment to maintaining an enviable product through constant renovation, expansion and enhancement.

The Vision

The vision of New York City's very first timeshare began to take physical form in 1994 with the purchase of a 60-million dollar property on the southwest corner of 56th Street and Seventh Avenue. Sales began successfully in 1996 prior to the completion of the residential portion of the property, as even the earliest Owners recognized the unique value of deeded ownership, the benefits of a private club-like atmosphere and the convenience of a prime midtown location.

Completion of the three initially planned construction phases brought about a total of 241 suites plus the Club Floor. At this stage, The Manhattan Club consisting of thirteen Residential Floors, a Fitness Center, Business Center and a Club Lounge could already boast being the largest urban timeshare in the world.

In fall of 2004, the building's tower, floors 27-31, which housed Administrative Offices and Private Suites, were vacated in preparation for the construction of twenty-four Penthouse Suites. Construction was completed in the spring of 2005. Larger suites, oversized windows, lofty ceilings, two private terraces, enhanced in-room amenities and restricted access have proven to be a winning formula for our property sales.

To complete the ultimate residential environment created by these grand suites and private terraces, a 560 square foot private reading room was built on the 31st floor of The Manhattan Club's tower. This totally new addition has provided a serene and sun-filled retreat for Penthouse Owners seeking a quiet environment for reading. 

In 2009 the Metropolitan suites were the newest units added on the 2nd floor of The Manhattan Club.  Our last phase of construction brought the total number of suites at The Manhattan Club to 286 units.

Our commitment to a property and a level of service that meets and surpasses the expectations of our Owners and Guests inspires us to maintain a quality service staff and to care for and improve the property and its amenities. We will continue to make additions and enhancements as needed to best accommodate the needs of all our Owners.